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India has a large agricultural sector, and bioenergy plays a crucial role in the renewable energy mix. Biomass power plants, biogas plants, and biofuel production are being encouraged through policies and financial incentives.

Biomass has always been an important energy source for the country considering the benefits it offers. 

It is renewable, widely available, carbon-neutral and has the potential to provide significant employment in the rural areas. Biomass is also capable of providing firm energy. 

About 32% of the total primary energy use in the country is still derived from biomass and more than 70% of the country’s population depends upon it for its energy needs. 

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has realised the potential and role of biomass energy in the Indian context and hence has initiated a number of programmes for promotion of efficient technologies for its use in various sectors of the economy to ensure derivation of maximum benefits.  For efficient utilization of biomass, bagasse based cogeneration in sugar mills and biomass power generation have been taken up under biomass power and cogeneration programme.

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