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Carrying of ashes of the deceased to India

Carrying of ashes of the deceased to India

Airport Health Organisation under Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India has notified that for obtaining public health clearance of dead bodies and cremated remains transported by international airlines at Indian airports, as per the The Aircraft (Public Health) Rules, 1954, the following needs to be observed:

  1. The consignee as well as the air transport service shall give to the Health Officer of the airport of arrival advance intimation of at least 48 hours, of the importation of the dead body or human remains or ashes of the cremated bodies.
  2. There should be a proper death certificate issued by a Medical Officer in English or translated into English in respect of the dead body. As per international health regulations of WHO, Death Certificate should be in English or French only. The translation of death certificate sometimes causes undue delay and frustration among the attendants.
  3. The death certificate showing cause of death as pending or mentioned as cause of death to be ascertained after postmortem or cause of death unknown or as natural death shall render the Death Certificate as invalid and the dead body/human remain shall not be granted NOC by Health Officer of the airport.
  4. Embalming Certificate should be enclosed.
  5. The NOC should be obtained from Indian Embassy/Consulate of the country from where body is transported.
  6. As per the Provisions of The Aircraft (Public Health) Rules, 1954 Part IV Rule No.41 no person shall bring into India any dead-body or human remains of persons who may have died of yellow fever, plague, anthrax, glanders or any other diseases as may be notified by the Government of India for this purpose. Provided that nothing in this rule shall apply to properly cremated ashes of dead bodies or human remains.

Required documents:

  1. Completed application form for "Carrying of ashes of the deceased to Indiaicon-image  with one passport size photo affixed in the box.
  2. Fill in all the information correctly. Incomplete application will be returned without service.
  3. Passport and a photocopy of pages containing personal particulars (first three and last two pages) of the deceased

    Passport will be cancelled and returned. Keep it safely.

  4. Copy of Proof of address(utility bill, driver license or lease agreement).
  5. Original and copy of Death Certificate.
  6. Original and copy of Cremation Certificate.
  7. Burial Transit Permit
  8. For Indian Passport holders Fee $1 and $2 for ICWF. For US Passport holders Fee $40 and $3 for ICWF.
  9. Fee is to be paid by cashier’s check or money order drawn only in favor of "Consulate General of India". There should be a seperate cashier’s check or money order for ICWF Fee. Cash payment is also accepted at the counter of the Consulate. Applicants are requested to come with exact change for efficient services.
  10. Personal checks, Debit cards and Credit cards are not accepted.
  11. If application is being sent by post please sent a seperate $20/- cashier’s check or money order fee for return mail. No prepaid envelopes are accepted.