Business Visa Business Visa

Business Visa

Business visa will be issued :-

  • (i) For those coming to establish an industrial/business venture, those required to travel frequently on long-term business activities and for investors.

  • (ii) For all other business activities.

  • (iii) For sports persons and coaches including those engaged in commercial sports events in India on contract with remuneration.

  • (iv) Business Visa will be issued from the country of origin or from the country of habitual domicile of the foreigner (except India) provided the period of residence of that foreigner in that particular country is for more than 2 years.

  • (v) Family members/dependents of Business visa holders will be granted Business dependent visa as the case may be depending on the type of Business visa granted to the principal visa holder.

Note : In respect of the above mentioned categories of international sports events, visa will be issued to the participants only on production of -

1. Requisite clearance from the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports,

2. Clearance for holding the event from the Ministry of Home Affairs and

3. Political clearance for holding the event from the Ministry of External Affairs.