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  • Vast Potential for Exploration
    India has 26 sedimentary basins covering an area of 3.36 million square kilometres, with vast untapped potential waiting to be explored. Recent estimates indicate that the total in-place hydrocarbon volume comprises 41.9 billion tonnes of oil and oil equivalent gas, which has been established through extensive exploration. It is noteworthy that approximately 74% of the conventional hydrocarbon resources remail undiscover as of yet, presenting a tremendous opportunity for investors.

  • India, the land of diversity, is marching forward with a massive boost in its energy sector. With its present production of 29.2 million metric tons (MMT) of crude oil and 34.5 billion cubic meters (BCM) of natural gas, India is a key player in the global energy market. However, India is not content with its current status and is setting its sights on an ambitious goal. The country is all set to escalate its natural gas production to 50 BCM by the end of the fiscal year 2023-24.

  • Invest in India’s Burgeoning Energy Sector
    India’s economic growth is on the rise, and with it, the demand for energy is soaring. As the nation’s energy need surge, shrewd investors have a momentous opportunity to establish an indelible footprint in India’s burgeoning energy sector.

  • Critical Role of Oil and Gas Sector
    The oil and gas sector plays a vital role in meeting India’s growing energy need and ensuring energy security for the country. Presently, India is the third-largest oil importer globally. The government is working on several initiatives to enhance domestic production of energy sources, reduce import dependency and offer new opportunities for investors.

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